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The Prestige Music Award is currently accepting entries into the 2016 award contest. This contest is for all levels of music makers, for those looking for professional recognition, to those who just want bragging rights.
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Latest Winners

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Gold Award
Music Video


Leandro Corinto - BRAZIL



Gold Award
Music Video



Namewee - MALAYSIA
The theme song for Malaysia’s breast cancer awareness campaign



Gold Award
Hip Hop/Rap


"Story to Tell"
mimi DFT - JAPAN



Gold Award


"The Symphony of a Life"
Paul de Métairy - FRANCE



Gold Award
Music Video



Gary Borden - CANADA
Blood of VanGogh (band), featuring Ronny Munroe

  Gold Award
Acoustic Guitar

Cosimo Erario


"The Diamond Quarter"
Cosimo Erario - GERMANY

  Gold Award

Adriano Aponte


Adriano Aponte - USA

  Gold Award
Movie Score

Adriano Aponte


Adriano Aponte - USA

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Gold Award
Movie Score

"The Roots of Men"
Music by Nicholas Techer - CANADA

  Gold Award
Movie Score





"Closer" (Soundtrack)
Music by Alexander Cimini- ITALY

  Gold Award
Music Video





Noor Al Yaseen - USA



Gold Award
Music Video




Jhosimar Vasquez - USA



Gold Award
Music Video


"Together - Parallel Universe"
Michael Robertson, Toon53 Productions - SOUTH AFRICA



Bronze award
Music Video

"Nightmares Come True (Nothing to Hide)"
Ursula Romero - SPAIN

Back Stories...

Meet a Winner - Piet Dalmolen, The Nucleus

  Nucleus-Quicksand My earliest memories of music harken back to childhood and my Mama humming ragtime songs that her own Polish mother once sang for her. Today, they are the broken lullabies I hand down to my own tiny daughter; I don’t remember all the words, and they’ve probably been altered over generations, just as in the game of “telephone,” but I sing what I know, so that she remembers: “Won’t you come home, Bill Bailey? Won’t you come home? I cried the whole night long…” read more...

Getting the Back Story Behind a Band

  Steel Toed Slippers Will Nicoll and Matt Moss formed Steel Toed Slippers in November of 2006 after meeting at their small high school in Humboldt County, California. What started as a simple guitar and drums 'jam' became something very ambitious after Nicoll introduced his own songs to the group. read more...

About Howe Stidger & Slave Between the Sheets

  Slave Between The Sheets-"Doube Entendre" Hawaiian residents Howe and Jamie Stidger’s hard rocking blues band – Soul Provider – has evolved over the course of its fifteen-year run. The band is already on its third title. Previous names included, Groove Bone, and, Slave Between the Sheets.  read more...



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