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Our mission: To inspire musicians and composers by recognizing, promoting and supporting creativity in musical production and performance.

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Entry Fee: $60 per Category

DOWNLOAD PDF and fill out completely (list all Categories you are entering for each entry). You can pay online using PayPal, or include a check made out to Prestige Music Award. No purchase orders please.

Mail your completed ENTRY FORM to:
    Prestige Music Award
    2107 Harrison Ave.
    Eureka, CA  95501 USA

Number of Categories
List Categories Entered

  The Rules

  1. Submissions in other than English must be subtitled or include transcript.

  2. Multiple entries are allowed and each entry may be entered in multiple categories.

  3. The entry fee is $60 per category entered.

  4. Submit on CD (or electronically in mp3 format).

  5. Written comments describing entries are invited.

  6. Entries will not be returned.



Prestige Trophy

The Prestige Music Award is currently accepting entries into the 2016 award contest. This contest is for all levels of music makers, for those looking for professional recognition, to those who just want bragging rights.
      Get your music heard and noticed.


Categories are judged on total artistic and technical excellence. You may enter multiple categories for each entry, but be sure to indicate the Categories for each entry on the ENTRY FORM (CLICK TO DOWNLOAD PDF).

Type of Music

RCK Rock / Rock & Roll
JZZ Jazz
JZF Jazz Fusion
CLA Classical
WLD World Music
CNT Country / Country Western
EZL Easy Listening
ELC Electronic / Techno
CMP Computer Music
HHP Hip Hop
SOL Soul
SPR Spiritual / Religious / Church
CHO Choir / Choral
CHL Children’s
C12 Child Performance (age 5-12)
C16 Child Performance (age 13-16)
C18 Child Performance (age 17-18)
DAN Dance
DIS Disco
FLK Folk
FKY Funk / Funky
MFM Movie Score
MVT Movie Theme
MVS Movie Song
MTV Television Score
MME Media / Electronic Score
IND Indie / Independent
INS Instrumental
ACS Acoustic
BLU Blues
GOS Gospel
ALT Alternative
NEW New Age
URB Urban
HTK Honky-Tonk
BGR Bluegrass
LAT Latin
ETH Ethnic
SPN Spanish
MES Middle Eastern
TGO Tango
BLL Ballroom
SAM Samba
RTO Retro
CHA Cha-Cha
ORC Orchestral
OPR Opera
CHB Chamber
VOR Voice Over
HAR Harmony
SMJ Smooth Jazz
TRB Tribal
CAR Caribbean / Island
HAW Hawaiian
JAW Jawaiian
MBD Marching Band
MVD Music Video


Technical Categories

MCM Composition
SNR Sound Recording
MIX Mixing
OVD Over-Dubbing
NAT Natural Sound Recording
SPL Special Effects
RMX Remix
VID Music Video
LVP Live Performance
CON Concert
SPO Special Occasion / Tribute
CLU Club Recording
LYR Lyrics
SPK Spoken Word
POE Poetry
AUB Audio Book

Instrument Categories

BNJ Banjo
ACG Acoustic Guitar
ELG Electric Guitar
HMC Harmonica
SLG Slide Guitar
STD Steel Drum
STR Strings - Not Orchestra
STO Strings - Orchestra
PNO Piano
KBD Keyboard
ORG Organ
HVB Heavy Bass
PER Percussion
DRM Drums
HRN Horns
FLT Flute
TAM Tambourine
WND Wind Instruments
TUB Tuba
VIO Violin / Viola
CEL Cello / Bass
OBO Oboe / Bassoon
TRM Trumpet / Coronet

















































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