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Prestige Trophy

The Prestige Music Award is currently accepting entries into the 2016 award contest. This contest is for all levels of music makers, for those looking for professional recognition, to those who just want bragging rights.
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Meet a Winner – Howe Stidger

Hawaiian residents Howe and Jamie Stidger’s hard rocking blues band – Soul Provider – has evolved over the course of its fifteen-year run. The band is already on its third title. Previous names included, Groove Bone, and, Slave Between the Sheets.

Gary Cooper plays lead guitar. Other rock and roll members include drummer Jan Kamano, and Chris Emerson. Former Manager Dean Masca compiled their most recent CD, “Slave Between the Sheets.” It was recorded at Lucid Turtle Productions in Honolulu. The CD is about being enslaved in a relationship, Howe explained.

Slave Between The Sheets-"Doube Entendre"
Band influences spotlight Hendrix, Lenny Kravits, Zeppelin, 311, and heavy German rock band, Scorpions. Track three is Howe’s favorite song. It’s called, “Beside me.” He said, “It’s one of the more complex tunes.”

Howe’s relationship to the stage began in 7th grade with auspicious beginnings, and ended in the smashing of cheap guitars after his first prepubescent band rocked the basement of a local church.

Soul Provider

“I hear music all the time, walking around. It’s always with me… Lyrics are an afterthought. I’m the music guy,” Howe told me. His wife, Jamie, sings, and also spends more time crafting words. Once he has a melody the rest of the members of Soul Provider help to “flesh out” the pieces. When I asked what the most challenging aspect of musical collaboration is, he said, “Nothing. We’re perfect together.”  

He comes from a musical clan. His grandfather was a jazz pianist, and Howe remembers him entertaining the family at holiday gatherings. “We were bored to tears, my brother and I,” Howe said, as he reminisced over the classical concerts his mother liked to drag her son’s to. She accidentally brought them to a Ted Nugent performance, however, and that left a lasting impression. Howe’s brother, Geoff, is a drummer in Portland.   

Howe grew up in Chicago, met the love of his life in San Diego, and later migrated to Hawaii to start a family. They have two daughters. He enjoys golf, diving, and hiking in Hawaii. He also mentors fifteen kids, from 4th to 8th grade, in the School of Rock program. They need to know their basic instruments. It’s his job to teach them how to “rock.”

Soul Provider is currently looking into a new recording studio for the release of their next album.

— Piper Tyler




























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