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The Prestige Music Award is currently accepting entries into the 2016 award contest. This contest is for all levels of music makers, for those looking for professional recognition, to those who just want bragging rights.
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Gold Award

For Latest Winners, See HOME PAGE

Over the Years, Prestige Music Award Gold Winners
Have Gained Recognition and Increased Sales

"The Roots of Men" (Movie Score)
Music by Nicholas Techer - CANADA

Selena Swaby

"Passion and Fantasy"
Sophia Agranovich - USA

Listen to Beethoven
Sonata in F minor ‘Appassionata’

Listen to Chopin
Sonata No.3 in B minor




"Balance" (Music Video)
Noor Al Yaseen - USA

"Dark Waves - Bellerofonte" (Soundtrack)
Music by Alexander Cimini- ITALY

Click to Listen

"Tarafa" (New Age)
Mohammed Haddad - BAHRAIN



"Closer" (Soundtrack)

Music by Alexander
Cimini- ITALY

War & Peace

"War and Peace"
(Music Video)

Music by Sylvia Basleh - GERMANY

Ron Taylor

"Ron Taylor: Dr. Baseball"
(Movie Score)

Drew Taylor, Matthew Taylor, Directors - CANADA
Music by Mikel Hurwitz

My Lonely Me

"My Lonely Me"
(Movie Score)

Joe Scott - UK
Andrew Simon McAllister, Composer

Altar of God

"The Altar of God… Love!" (World Music)

Mohamaad Ghibran - INDIA

Selina Swaby

"Do I Have Any More Love" (Gospel)

Selina Swaby - UK

 Stefan Kliszynski

"A Song About a Dream"
(Music Video)

Stefan Kliszynski - UK

"How I Praise You" (Spiritual / Religious)
Selina Swaby - UK




"Alekto" (Movie Score)
Michael Mehring - Switzerland


Lena Fayre

(Music Video)

Lena Fayre - USA

"When He Loves"
Cecilia Gragnani - UK

When He Loves
Click to watch video

"The Blue Marble of Joy and Sorrow"
Paolo Pizzo - USA

Blue Marble of Joy & Sorrows

"Vampire 1 -The Flight of the Bumblebee"
Harald Winkler - MALTA


"Cinderella a Shadow Ballet"
Carla Patullo - USA



Bill John Newbrough - USA


"Beethoven Choral Fantasy"
Bill John Newbrough - USA



Barbara Rosene
"Nice and Naughty"

Nice & Naughty

Category: Retro
Category: Sound Recording

Jamie Ousley
"A Sea of Voices"

Sea of Voices

Category: Jazz


Danae Xanthe Vlasse
"Fantasie #1 'Nuit Sans Sommeil'"

Danae Vlasse

Category: Composition

Arek Religa
"Chicago Guitar Knight"

Category: Electric Guitar


Chai-Lun Yueh
"Infinite Time - Chinese Classical Art Songs"

Chai-Lun Yueh

Category: Classical

Matthew Sargent
"Super Flight FULL"

Category: Movie Score


Rick Devin
"Old School 2: Rock Hits
of the 60s and 70s

Old School 2

Category: Rock

Eleven Dollars

Eleven Dollars

Category: Easy Listening


Airyn Justine
"I Told You So"

Airyn Justine

Category: Country

Eleven Dollars
"He Said, She Said"

Eleven Dollars

Category: Funk

Chai-Lun Yueh
"24 Italian Songs and Arias"

Chai-Lun Yueh

Category: Classical
Chai-Lun Singing Studio

Lawrence Golan

Lawrence Golan
"Tchaikovsky 6"
"Tchaikovsky 6.1"

Moravian Philharmonic

Categories: Classical / Orchestral

Alicia Jonas
"Suite in 6 Parts"

Alicia Jonas

Category: Piano

Tykal Eduardo


Category: Composition

Brett Segal

"I'm jewish, Yo!
(Pimp My Yarmulke)
(Music Video)

Brett Segal - USA


(Music Video / Latin)

Allesio Felix - USA

Back Stories...

The Nucleus in concert
ListenNucleus-Quicksand"No More Anything"
The Nucleus (4:16)

Meet a Winner – Piet Dalmolen

My earliest memories of music harken back to childhood and my Mama humming ragtime songs that her own Polish mother once sang for her…” read more...

Listen"Home To Georgia" (3:47)

Old Dog Unleashed
Album: "Barkin At TheTrain"

Old Dog Unleashed
Listen "Gold Minor" (3:58)
Listen Steel Toed Slippers
Live at KPIG
- Jan. 25, 2011 (13:53)
Steel Toed Slippers
(Music Video

Steel Toed Slippers

Meet the Band

Will Nicoll and Matt Moss formed Steel Toed Slippers in November of 2006... read more...

ListenSlave Between The Sheets - "Marmalade" (3:31)

Slave Between the Sheets

Album: "Double Entendre"
(Rock & Roll)

Slave Between The Sheets-"Doube Entendre"

Soul ProviderMeet a Winner
Howe Stidger

Hawaiian residents Howe and Jamie Stidger’s hard rocking blues band – Soul Provider – has evolved over the course of its fifteen-year run. The band is already on its third title. Previous names included, Groove Bone, and, Slave Between the Sheets.  read more...

Gold Award


Prestige Music Award - Silver Winners

"Together - Parallel Universe"
Michael Robertson, Toon53 Productions - SOUTH AFRICA

"the blue room - al-hamdu li-liah"
Directors Bettina D'Mello and Dr. Khan- GERMANY

Click for more videos


In My World

"In My World"
Pierre Roy- FRANCE

Determined Spirits


"Determined Spirits"
Diana Rumjahn - USA

Click to visit website

"Dream State"
Ryan McQuinn - USA

Dream State

Click to watch video

"1:31 AM" (Movie Score)
Stefan K- USA


Mohamaad Ghibran


"The King Iraniyan's Play"
(World Music)

Mohamaad Ghibran - INDIA

"On Flying Water" (Movie Score)

Julia PajotOn Flying Water





Julia Pajot - FRANCE                               Listen here

Jennifer Waescher

"The Woman"
Jennifer Waescher
Republic of Korea

Music Video

Reshy P
Reshy P
(Suresh Prakash)

"Walk This Path"

Category: Acoustic

Selina Swaby

"My True God"
(Spiritual / Religious)

Selina Swaby - UK

(Easy Listening)

Selina Swaby - UK

Born in Toms River, NJ, Suresh Prakash grew up in a music-loving household and began writing music. In 2009. Suresh took his original recordings to City Lights Recording Studio, where he met Guy Daniel and his songs took a turn for the better almost instantly. His first album, Brown Magic (under the artist name "Reshy P"), features him on keyboards, drums, bass, and vocals with assistance from other friends on guitars, percussion, synths, and backing vocals.


Reshy P
(Suresh Prakash)

"Midnight Journey"

Category: Composition


Eleven Dollars

"Lighter Shade of Gray"

Category: Acoustic



Gold Award


Prestige Music Award - Bronze Winners

Duo Petrof

"Duo Petrof - 88x2: Music for Two Pianos"

Anatoly Zatin & Vlada Vassilieva - MEXICO

Natasha Dematra

"Love Has Thousand Shapes"
(Spiritual / Religious)

Natasha Dematra - INDONESIA

"Las Claves ('The Keys')" (Classical)
"Nightmares Come True (Nothing to Hide)"
Ursula Romero - SPAIN

Eye to Eye
Taher Shah - PAKISTAN

Happy Pakistan Day

Click to watch video

Reshy P
(Suresh Prakash)

"Without You"

Category: Pop

Peter Gonzales
“Off the Grid”

Composition Category




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